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Naija music destinations of 2018

By Posted on 2 m read

This year has been great so far for the Nigerian artists. A number of brilliant deliveries have been done by the artists back in the south. If you’re not a naija music fan, then you should check the websites discussed in this article. Give it a try and you will definitely like it. To assist you, we have brought you some of the best websites to download naija music & mp3s.

There are definitely many other websites other than the ones discussed below. The selection has been made based on the traffic that the following web locations interact with and the buzz around them.


Naijaloaded is the #1 on this list. Without a doubt, this website has never failed to deliver nothing but the best experience, when it comes to download naija music & mp3s. The website developers have worked hard enough to make this a user-friendly location for searching the best in 2018 of Nigerian music. Along with featuring the best songs of this year under the Nigerian music genre, this website also delivers much other content including videos. For the best maintenance and customer feedback services, the website was awarded as the best tech website of the year back in 2010.

Naija music destinations


This is the go-to place for all your naija music needs. When it comes to Nigerian songs, 36NG has never failed to deliver their customers with the best experience. The news regarding the Nigerian music world come up with proper facts. The website takes its name from a fact as well. There are 36 states in Nigeria and that is why the name of the website is 36NG. If you’re looking for a musical companion, then this is the best one that you can ever ask for.


Here is another amazing destination for feeding all your Naija needs. Without any subscription or membership fee, Naijapals.com has become one of the most visited websites this year and over the past years as well. There are so many members that are associated with this websites, and you will have the freedom to discuss your music preferences. The website focuses on what music is originally for, bringing people closer.

Gist us:

Last but not the least, Gist us is one of the most modern Nigerian music websites you can ask for. The website features a modern them compared to other ones out there. The music collection is quite impressive ones as well. Want to download naija music & mp3s? You know where to go.